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Fergie’s Weird New Project of the Day

Fergie is up to no good.

Unfortunately, it is not her revisiting her crackden where she snorts and smokes all the METH in the room now that she can afford it without having to hooker herself or sell her TV at the Pawn Shop…you know child star bullshit before becoming a black eyed pea, rather than a black eyed girl just trying to get another hit…SAD STORIES SOMETIMES END HAPPY…

She is probably promoting a solo album or other useless things the world doesn’t need and she’s doing it in a slutty way, trying to be provocative, trying to matter, and I guess it’s working because here we are.

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Gemma Atkinson’s Fun Instagram Bikini Pic of the Day

Gemma Atkinson is some Glamour Model, which is code of hooker, who probably is married to a soccer star, or some other rich guy in the UK, because that’s what these hookers do….they just Glamour Model to increase their brand image and brand profile and make people who otherwise would just get lap dances from them get them pregnant. It’s good strategy with a solid retirement plan of monthly child support payments and I can’t help but appreciate good whoring, especially when it has a body like this…

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Gemma Atkinson’s 2010 Calendar Preview of the Day

Remember Gemma Atkinson, that UK bitch with big tits who was all over the fuckin’ place over the course of the last 5 years until one day pretty much dropping off the map, or at least out of my view and I totally forgot about her, because ugly chicks with big tits who get photoshopped into something worth fucking aren’t that appealing to me, unless they are riding my face like a T-Bar at the ski hill, but here she is tryin to make us remember her everyday of the year with this 2010 Calendar, something you’d think would be outdated now that we have smartphones, computers, digital cameras and watches with the date all over the shit, but I guess no one said she was an innovator, and I guess there will always be a weird immigrant mechanic keepin’ up tradition from the old country who likes to have seemingly hot sluts posing next to dates, but I find the whole thing dull…

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Gemma Atkinson is a Bikini Model of the Day

This is some seriously insane shit….I knew Gemma Atkinson wasn’t hot, I knew she was only famous for having really big natural tits, but I never took the time to compare her bikini pics to pictures of her signing her bikini pictures. It’s like this bitch isn’t even the same girl. She looks more like me than she looks like the girls in the pictures, but they claim it’s the same fucking person. I guess photoshopping new faces on old tits saves careers, too bad it doesn’t work on my wife when she’s snoring in bed next to me and I’m in the mood to fuck anything that isn’t her.

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Gemma Atkinson in Her Red Bikini For Communism in Cuba of the Day

Here’s some Gemma Atkinson Bikini Pictures from Cuba, where she’s enjoying the friendly people, the beautiful beaches and the warm Caribbean Ocean, something that you’ll never be able to do because you government hates Cuba and has been trying to make them go bankrupt the last 50 years in hopes of taking the motherfuckin’ place over and turning it into a Peurto Rico or Hawaii.

I know that I wouldn’t be so down or so quick to call myself the land of the free when the government will arrest me if I step foot into a resort island that everyone else in the fuckin’ world has been enjoying for affordable vacations all these years. I know some people who have spent some time in Cuba and when I ask them how it was they all say amazing because there were no Americans, so maybe it’s better for the rest of the world that you stay the fuck out of Cuba, I’ve seen what happens when you visited Iraq and that kind of behavior would probably discourage chicks to tan with their fatty tits.

Either way, here’s Gemma with her retarded tits in her Red Bikini for Communism in Cuba.

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Gemma Atkinson’s Big Tits in a Red Dress for Christmas of the Day

The Christmas miracle of the day, one month after Christmas, is that Gemma Atkinson still gets work and that works is doing some launch of some in-store month after Christmas sale. This is like the local radio host broadcasting live from the furniture store or some shit and that’s one step away of sprawling your big fat tits across new mid-range cars on display in the Mall or even handing out samples of new flavors of pickles at the discount store.

None of that really matters, when you are a useless bitch with big tits you take any job you can get because work is work and that’s more than I can say for myself. I think the fact that Gemma got all done up in red is just a sign of how committed she is to the task no matter how how insignificant or embarrassing it is and that’s the kind of work ethic that leads a girl to showing off her huge tits to get ahead by not having to work the pole in the local strip club to pay the rent and in my boring internet based life, there’s nothing wrong with that, because it gives me something to look at.

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I am – Gemma Atkinson’s Surfing in a Bikini of the Day


Here are some pictures of Gemma Atkinson taking some surfing lessons in Autralia this past weekend.

The funny thing about Gemma Atkinson is that bitch is some sort of desired piece of ass in the UK, further proving my theory that the only hot girl in the UK is the fuckin’ Queen, but that’s just because I am turned on by her power and her etiquette since I consider myself a classy mother fucker who is forced to leave in trashy hell with a woman who don’t know what a metal fork is because washing utensils bites into her eating time and she’d use a shovel if she good.

So lookin at her average chubby body and busted face makes me realize that she got her breast implants to try and thin her out, because it is easier than hitting the gym or watching what she eats because that’s too much work for a useless party slut who likes eating sausage, the food not the penis and gets paid to flaunt her useless implants that even I could get if I had enough money, and should save for that shit because it seems like a pretty decent life. Then you could jerk off to me and it’d probably be equally exciting but that’s just cuz I exude sex, and by exude sex I mean smell like dirty pussy because I haven’t showered and spilled chicken soup on myself 4 days ago and it’s starting to smell fishy.

BONUS: Some Possibly Old, Possibly New Pictures of Gemma Atkinson in a Brown Bikini Because You Like Her Big Tits….

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I am – Gemma Atkinson’s Hairy Stomach in a Bikini of the Day



So it turns out that when I go out, it’s pretty much the live-action version of this website. I get off on disturbing the peace and shit disturbing. I am not entirely sure the shit I say and do because I am fucking wasted and don’t really keep tabs on it, because I am too busy trying to stand but I do know that at some after party I was at last night, I was asked to leave, and by asked I mean the bouncer grabbed me and escorted me out.

At the time I didn’t realize what I had done to deserve that abuse, and just thought they were racist, and put up a fight but it turns out that I was chasing a girl around the party trying to snap pictures of her, she ended up poking me in the eye and I decided to threaten to beat her up, not because I was actually mad or because I would have gone through with it, I am pretty weak and usually get hurt by girls if it ever leads to a throw down, I just do it to wrestle them and have a legitimate excuse to grab their tits. I just thought it was funny and did it for dramatic effect. I’m poetic like that.

Speaking of dramatic effect, Gemma Atkinson’s got a treasure trail like a dude…It’s kinda confusing me because the contrast of her big tits and her hairy stomach is making me feel like I just walked into the changing room at a drag show, which hasn’t happened yet, but after seeing these pictures, should.

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I am – Gemma Atkinson Almost Naked of the Day

Gemma Atkinson

I went on a date last night with this guy who seemed pretty nice when I met him but not really my type so to speak. He ended up taking me to this fucking frat boy bar where 90% of the kids have just moved out of their houses and are spending their parents money to get wasted and not get up for the college classes their parents also paid for.

So needless to say I’m stuck sitting between him and this other dude, listening them talk about college fucking football (of course) and, hating my life and wondering why I always end up with these fucking losers, and of course trying to think of a way to get out of this situation, because I hate jock fucks. The climax came when they asked me if I would be interested in letting them tag team me and got all bro-type-high-five-shit and like I’m not really into that because more often then not the dudes are closet gays more interested in seeing each other naked then me.

I ended up asking where the bathroom was and when I found it I noticed there was a door to the back alley of this place and before you could say beer bong, I was out of the place like a fucking bolt of lightning. I ended up going to some shitty bar down the street from my place and going home with some hott random dude to fuck all night , so all is well that ends well. I didn’t get his phone number or give him mine, and it’s probably better that way

Here’s Gemma Atkinson.

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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I am – Gemma Atkinson Bikini of the Day


Nothing says dirty slut than a bitch who likes cherries. It was big in the 90s and was a popular tattoo in the stripper scene. I always thought it was some sort of commentary on how a girl who is a slut 6 nights a week, letting dudes grab her tits for 10 dollars a song still had a little innocent side or somes hit. It’s irony on a stupid slut level.

These pics are of Gemma Atkinson in a cherry bikini flaunting her massive tits like she’s not only famous because of them, not that she’s that famous but you are looking at pictures of her and I am writing useless cherry stories about them. Maybe I read into things too much, but the irony in that is that I don’t know how to read…

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