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Gemma Atkinson in Her Red Bikini For Communism in Cuba of the Day

Here’s some Gemma Atkinson Bikini Pictures from Cuba, where she’s enjoying the friendly people, the beautiful beaches and the warm Caribbean Ocean, something that you’ll never be able to do because you government hates Cuba and has been trying to make them go bankrupt the last 50 years in hopes of taking the motherfuckin’ place over and turning it into a Peurto Rico or Hawaii.

I know that I wouldn’t be so down or so quick to call myself the land of the free when the government will arrest me if I step foot into a resort island that everyone else in the fuckin’ world has been enjoying for affordable vacations all these years. I know some people who have spent some time in Cuba and when I ask them how it was they all say amazing because there were no Americans, so maybe it’s better for the rest of the world that you stay the fuck out of Cuba, I’ve seen what happens when you visited Iraq and that kind of behavior would probably discourage chicks to tan with their fatty tits.

Either way, here’s Gemma with her retarded tits in her Red Bikini for Communism in Cuba.

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  • pennwood

    Good one … well put !

  • Cheeba

    It’s only a matter of time until they go broke so just wait and you can take your whiny ass to Cuba. I guess you don’t know that Cuba has a poverty problem and those who enjoy their beaches don’t help. Yes I agree the US fucks with everybody, its the only thing to do when you have all the power and the rest of the world are pussies.

  • for-casual-fun

    wow, she is so hot…I will share this with my friends on casualpal.com, lots of casual encounters are seeking for fun there

  • Marc

    What do you say we have this whole conversation about Freedom, Cuba, Iraq and the value of America in 10-20 years when you and the rest of Europe are under the thumb of Sharia from the Muslim immigrants you lack the will to stand up to.

  • obelisk2290

    Look Bush went 7000 miles with 150,000 troops t fiht an illegal war but wont go 90 miles to knock on castros door with already 3000 american soldiers on the island so that tell you what we think of Cuba. Oh yeah and Gemma is beyond desireable

  • Big Dick McGee

    For some reason I assumed the Drunken SF was American.