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Model with Chest Hair of the Day

Here’s the worst trending story I’ve seen in a while but this model is being celebrated internationally thinks to GLAMOUR UK for having chest hair, despite being a woman, and the chest hair, that most girls would have had lasered off is not just a stray black hair on her nipple, which I am sure is a lot more common than we think and that I am sure I’ve encountered a few times and wasn’t grossed out by it, we’re humans, I get that, we have hair, I get that..and I am into BUSH, so it’s really just an extension of that, since a girl with a bush which is a girl I’d be into, is likely not waxing or removing hair elsewhere…

BUT…this chest hair is on a whole other level, it’s like that Bill Cosby cabbage clusters of chest hair, and being a hetero male, and not having as much chest hair as this, while knowing men with less chest hair than this also, it’s a little fucking much…

I actually gagged looking at the pics, which is my right….

Just because the model is empowered by it and love her chest hair…and Glamour UK is pandering to society by embracing the story for their own viral clickbait strategy…you know they are just pretending to be into this because it’s cool to fetishize things otherwise seen as “embarassing”….to show how woke we are….doesn’t mean my natural reaction isn’t going to
be my natural reaction of being grossed out by this on a physical level at my core, I don’t like it….and I don’t like Glamour UK for pretending to like it, when I know they are just hopping on board for clicks, mooching off her and her weird disorder….that makes her a body hair activist, because what the fuck else is she going to be when she has that level of body hair, so good on her…it’s just not for me but it may be for you…so check it out.

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Hot Madonna Picture of the Day

Lookin’ Good Sweetheart. I have a pretty strong stomach. I don’t ever throw up, I don’t get grossed out, I even watched 1 Guy, 1 Cup where the motherfucker’s asshole exploded into a bloody mess and I wasn’t phased. But for some reason, this shit made my stomach turn. I guess I just hairy faced menopausal bitches

BONUS – Here’s a Video of Madonna’s Driver Going Nuts on the Paparazzi

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Beyonce’s Hairy Armpits of the Day

Beyonce’s been too busy competing with Rihanna to take care of the little things in life like hygeiene. When looking at the neglect she’s given to her pits, I am reminded of this hairy little troll of a girl I used to bang. It didn’t end well, but for the week that we dated, I did everything I could to get her to just shave her fucking armpits. I used to tease her and tell her that Richard Nixon’s not in fucking office, we’re not protesting a war and trying our best to be as liberated as we can by having unprotected sex with strangers, but we shoudl be, so the only excuse for this hippie bullshit is laziness. I even brought her a razor on our third date and that’s pretty much when the dating ended, I guess I wasn’t so discreet about my disgust, but trying to find her vagina hole was like a fucking South American safari adventure through the fuckin’ Amazon, only instead of dealing with getting attacked by deadly snakes and tribes peopel, I was forced to deal with a hairy mess with a rancid smell of dead fish, and really wasn’t surprised considering the condition of her arm pits.

That said, a girls arm pit condition is the window to her vagina maintenence and Beyonce’s pussy is obviously the real reason Jay-Z’s moved onto Rihanna.

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Britney Spears Has Some Hairy Armpits of the Day

With along with being crazy and being busy as a tool to make lots of people rich, Britney Spears is also lazy. These are some pictures of her with some hairy fucking armpits and despite being down with hairy pussy, there’s something seriously disgusting about a girl who doesn’t shave her armpits. I get it, you’re trying to make a political point that women and men are equal and that women don’t have to give-in to the man’s formalities, but I am sure there’s a less masculine way of going about that. Maybe you could get an education and figure out a way to get a job in places where people will listen to you, you don’t have to grow a dick or pull other stunts that make you disgusting to all ment to get that shit across, I am not implying that Britney’s got any reason deeper than being a pig for these pictures to exist, I am not saying she’s making a statement other than that she can’t focus on more than one thing, so in deciding what to drop in order to get her life and career back together she chose hygiene practices because she’s always found hygiene a fucking struggle.

I know that some dudes like a hairy bitch. I read “The Joy of Sex” when I was 12 and I think there’s a whole chapter on how body hair is erotic because it keeps the smells in and lets us tap into our animal instinct, but that book was also written by a bunch of hippies and the positive outlook on life and the drugs obviously got the better of them because this shit is never erotic. The first time I realized a woman close to me had hairy armpits was when I was teenager and staying in some foster home. The woman who took me in was in her 60s, she was also 4 foot 6 and drove a car with a wooden block on the pedals and a pillow on the seat and one hot summer day she was giving me a lift somewhere in that piece of shit car and I looked over to as a question and saw her fucking hairy armpits that put most people I knew’s armpits to shame because it was a fucking matted mangled mess of more hair than I had ever seen in such a small area and to make shit worse…sweat was slowly dripping out of it and onto her summer dress and I gagged. Pretty much ruining chicks with hairy armpits for me….

Sure Britney’s armpits aren’t that out of control, but they are out of control enough to be disgusting and I guess the real question is that if this is what’s going on in places the world can see, I don’t really want to know what’s going on in her pants, because I am sure the dried mucus matted pussy hair’s only the gateway to a magical place of disgusting that I still wouldn’t mind taste testing.


My weird Greek friend who likes pit fucking emailed me to tell me that he wouldn’t be down to fuck this pit, and being a pit fucker kinda gives him limited options of pits to fuck, because it turns most girls off and he takes almost any pit he can get.

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I am – Gemma Atkinson’s Hairy Stomach in a Bikini of the Day



So it turns out that when I go out, it’s pretty much the live-action version of this website. I get off on disturbing the peace and shit disturbing. I am not entirely sure the shit I say and do because I am fucking wasted and don’t really keep tabs on it, because I am too busy trying to stand but I do know that at some after party I was at last night, I was asked to leave, and by asked I mean the bouncer grabbed me and escorted me out.

At the time I didn’t realize what I had done to deserve that abuse, and just thought they were racist, and put up a fight but it turns out that I was chasing a girl around the party trying to snap pictures of her, she ended up poking me in the eye and I decided to threaten to beat her up, not because I was actually mad or because I would have gone through with it, I am pretty weak and usually get hurt by girls if it ever leads to a throw down, I just do it to wrestle them and have a legitimate excuse to grab their tits. I just thought it was funny and did it for dramatic effect. I’m poetic like that.

Speaking of dramatic effect, Gemma Atkinson’s got a treasure trail like a dude…It’s kinda confusing me because the contrast of her big tits and her hairy stomach is making me feel like I just walked into the changing room at a drag show, which hasn’t happened yet, but after seeing these pictures, should.

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