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Model with Chest Hair of the Day

Here’s the worst trending story I’ve seen in a while but this model is being celebrated internationally thinks to GLAMOUR UK for having chest hair, despite being a woman, and the chest hair, that most girls would have had lasered off is not just a stray black hair on her nipple, which I am sure is a lot more common than we think and that I am sure I’ve encountered a few times and wasn’t grossed out by it, we’re humans, I get that, we have hair, I get that..and I am into BUSH, so it’s really just an extension of that, since a girl with a bush which is a girl I’d be into, is likely not waxing or removing hair elsewhere…

BUT…this chest hair is on a whole other level, it’s like that Bill Cosby cabbage clusters of chest hair, and being a hetero male, and not having as much chest hair as this, while knowing men with less chest hair than this also, it’s a little fucking much…

I actually gagged looking at the pics, which is my right….

Just because the model is empowered by it and love her chest hair…and Glamour UK is pandering to society by embracing the story for their own viral clickbait strategy…you know they are just pretending to be into this because it’s cool to fetishize things otherwise seen as “embarassing”….to show how woke we are….doesn’t mean my natural reaction isn’t going to
be my natural reaction of being grossed out by this on a physical level at my core, I don’t like it….and I don’t like Glamour UK for pretending to like it, when I know they are just hopping on board for clicks, mooching off her and her weird disorder….that makes her a body hair activist, because what the fuck else is she going to be when she has that level of body hair, so good on her…it’s just not for me but it may be for you…so check it out.

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Britney Spears Has a Hairy Ass Upskirt of the Day

So Britney Spears probably isn’t fucking anyone right now and hasn’t waxed or shaved her asshole and I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal, mainly because I come from an era where normal chicks never waxed and I was like some kind of British High Society game hunter in Africa on some kind of safari trying to tame the beast, and by tame the beast I mean find the fuckin’ prize hidden behind the elements on more than one occasion. I am talking girls so fuckin’ hairy you would think their pussies were some kind of animal or even a substitute for underwear and that shit never stopped me, so seeing some ass hair poking out of Britney’s underwear doesn’t phaser me, but if I saw shit stuck to that ass hair this post would be a little less accepting of her laziness.

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