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Keely Hazell’s 2010 Calendar Preview of the Day

Here is some Keely Hazell tits in a bikini in some photoshoot for some 2010 Calendar, because you know a bitch with big tits who was a glamour model in the UK and who I know very little about because she does very little with her career, posing in a bikini for her calendar that I guess mechanics, people who can’t give up on a really dated tradition and people who don’t have computers or cellphones will buy or get as a gift, despite being one of the shittiest fucking gifts you can give someone pretty much ever, you know when you get one of these for Xmas or your birthday that that person just fucking hates you and this is their passive aggressive way.

Either way, the pics are ok. Look at them.

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Gemma Atkinson’s 2010 Calendar Preview of the Day

Remember Gemma Atkinson, that UK bitch with big tits who was all over the fuckin’ place over the course of the last 5 years until one day pretty much dropping off the map, or at least out of my view and I totally forgot about her, because ugly chicks with big tits who get photoshopped into something worth fucking aren’t that appealing to me, unless they are riding my face like a T-Bar at the ski hill, but here she is tryin to make us remember her everyday of the year with this 2010 Calendar, something you’d think would be outdated now that we have smartphones, computers, digital cameras and watches with the date all over the shit, but I guess no one said she was an innovator, and I guess there will always be a weird immigrant mechanic keepin’ up tradition from the old country who likes to have seemingly hot sluts posing next to dates, but I find the whole thing dull…

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