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Keely Hazell’s 2010 Calendar Preview of the Day

Here is some Keely Hazell tits in a bikini in some photoshoot for some 2010 Calendar, because you know a bitch with big tits who was a glamour model in the UK and who I know very little about because she does very little with her career, posing in a bikini for her calendar that I guess mechanics, people who can’t give up on a really dated tradition and people who don’t have computers or cellphones will buy or get as a gift, despite being one of the shittiest fucking gifts you can give someone pretty much ever, you know when you get one of these for Xmas or your birthday that that person just fucking hates you and this is their passive aggressive way.

Either way, the pics are ok. Look at them.

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Keely Hazell Topless Costume of the Day

I am cracked the fuck out today, my brain isn’t working, that’s why I am slow on these Keely Hazell pics, but in my defense, I just because I don’t give a fuck about her, she doesn’t really do anything for me, or for herself, other than use her tits to make her money, which happens to be something I find respectable, because she’s keeping it real while other girls go out and get an education and jobs and start wanting to run for President, or start their own businesses, or even become doctors or lawyers, and that offends me.

It’s just not nature’s way and it seems like once they reach that level of success, they try to get their kids to do even more than they did all while lookin down on people like me, by calling us deadbeats for living off our wife’s disability check or creeps for thinking it is perfectly fine to pay a girl 5 dollars to see her tits, and they are never suckin’ my dick where they belong because they are too busy fucking shit up trying to make a living.

Girls like Keely keep it outschool. They keep the dream alive. They remind us that girls are nothing but tits and pussy and maybe that’s why she has so many fans and has reached such success, because she’s just keeing a core part of human nature alive, something that’s been lost ass the women around us left the kitchen and entered the workforce because they thought they could and that is one of our generation’s biggest failure. They’ll write about it in history books….maybe they already have… I wouldn’t know…because I don’t know how to read.

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