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I am – Gemma Atkinson’s Surfing in a Bikini of the Day


Here are some pictures of Gemma Atkinson taking some surfing lessons in Autralia this past weekend.

The funny thing about Gemma Atkinson is that bitch is some sort of desired piece of ass in the UK, further proving my theory that the only hot girl in the UK is the fuckin’ Queen, but that’s just because I am turned on by her power and her etiquette since I consider myself a classy mother fucker who is forced to leave in trashy hell with a woman who don’t know what a metal fork is because washing utensils bites into her eating time and she’d use a shovel if she good.

So lookin at her average chubby body and busted face makes me realize that she got her breast implants to try and thin her out, because it is easier than hitting the gym or watching what she eats because that’s too much work for a useless party slut who likes eating sausage, the food not the penis and gets paid to flaunt her useless implants that even I could get if I had enough money, and should save for that shit because it seems like a pretty decent life. Then you could jerk off to me and it’d probably be equally exciting but that’s just cuz I exude sex, and by exude sex I mean smell like dirty pussy because I haven’t showered and spilled chicken soup on myself 4 days ago and it’s starting to smell fishy.

BONUS: Some Possibly Old, Possibly New Pictures of Gemma Atkinson in a Brown Bikini Because You Like Her Big Tits….

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