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I am – Lohan and Kimbo Stewart are Best Friends Who Dress the Same of the Day


Lohan and Kimbo Stewart are already such good friends that I have never seen together before that they are already wearing matching outfits like they were 7 and this was fucking kindergarten. They are like watching two seven year olds running around the park in matching outfits only these girls aren’t 7 anymore, the only thing they have in common with the number 7 is that they banged 7 different dude’s last week along, at least Lohan did…

Either way, these girls are like the kind of friends who go to grade school together, then highschool together where they lost their virginity, then college together where they lost it some more, then get married the same year after college to the guys who gave them herpes who happen to be best friends too, then have babies together, they are like attached at the fucking hip, sisters who aren’t sisters, only in Lohan’s case they just met last week….

Speaking of sisters, I always loved when my stepdaughters would pretend that they were twins and wear matching outfits, so when they got older, I used to buy them matching panty sets to wear around the dumpster I call home. I got so into it that I had a different lingerie set for them to wear every day of the week, from the sailer girls to the school girls to the cats…meow. I guess it probably wasn’t the most morally sound thing to do but they didn’t seem to mind, and since they didn’t mind either did I. My wife put all the fun to an end when I tried setting up bath time for them and they complained. Bitches.

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