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I am – Hayden Panettiere See Through Dress of the Day


The day I realized there was no such thing as innocence was when I saw a Nun with a coldsore. I guess she could have got it by sucking a herpes ridden cock for Jesus, but I can only assume she was one of those reformed nuns, the kind of girl who was real fucking bad in her youth and had only one option to turn things around when she was a little older and that was through god. I guess she could have also got the cold sore from sharing that dirty communion cup they make everyone share or maybe even caught it in a restaurant from dirty utensils, but for this post she was a whore who turned shit around, because here are pictures of that bobble head Hayden Panettiere wearing a see through dress. I haven’t decided if see through makes a whore, but judging how these starlets are livin’, it’s only a matter of time before she’ll be tending to her herpes, only they may not even be on her mouth. This is when I say “her other lips”, but get made at myself for being such a cunt.

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