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I am – Uma Thurman on the Beach in a Bikini of the Day


I was walking home last night and some fat drunk chick in the passenger seat of an SUV was hanging out of the sunroof with her shirt off screaming at the top of her lungs…I felt like it was a sign from god. When I got back online, i saw these pictures of Uma Thurman, who never really did much for me sexually because I didn’t realize her tits were so fucking massive. I can only assume that she is one of those mom’s who still breast feeds her kid because she likes how it feels when he sucks her off…if I was her kid, I’d still be breastfeeding too. Hell, I am a grown man, and given the opportunity, I’d change my diet to only conisist of her breast milk because it looks to me like her tits are a lot healthier to suck on than this hand rolled cigar I was given, that may be rolled up dog shit for all I fucking know…What I am trying to get at is that her tits are fucking solid, unlike her dumpy ass like the fat chick hanging out her sunroof last night…but at least she was accessible…

Speaking of accessible, it looks like her kid is starring at her box dreamin’ of crawling back in there because boys will be boys…and he sees this bitch naked daily and you don’t. Loser….

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