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I am – Cameron Diaz Bikini Pics of the Day


I don’t know when these pictures were taken, but this slut looks like she’s a fucking easter egg and where I come from it’s easter every fucking day because all my wife eats is chocolate and she always smells like hard boiled eggs.

I just got a charge from my shitty old web host for 1,500 dollars saying that I went over bandwidth, even though I cancelled with them over a month ago and this site only gets 20 people to it a day, so I am pretty fucked right now. 1,500 dollars in bandwitdth is about 6,000 gigs of transfer on top of what I was already paying for. I am not a techie, but that seems like a fucking lot of people.

At least I am not quite as fucked as Cameron Diaz is, because I will just not pay the bill, while she has to deal with the self esteem hit of her young boyfriend realizing how washed up she is and making his move on younger hotter pieces of ass…but I need to find a way to get out of this 1,500 dollar charge cuz I can’t afford it, like Cameron Diaz can’t afford another birthday.

It looks like these pics have been tagged by HollywoodTuna , Let’s all thank him for taking these pictures and ruining them with his cum stain. If these pictures were a woman, we’d be hiring his sloppy seconds that forgot to wash after he busted up inside her, even though he is a blogger and has probably never busted in anything but a fleshlight. I fucking hate when people tag pictures that I know they didn’t fucking take. Cuddles.

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