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I am – Natalie Portman Bikini Pics of the Day


I don’t know if these are new or old, because I am not the kind of guy who remembers this shit. I generally don’t wish I was a virgin weirdo with a huge collection of celebrities in sexy poses on my wall, but while trying to run a site like this, it would probably make things easier, because nothing gets me hate mail like posting something that’s outdated and hate mail hurts my feelings.

Speaking of hurting, I am pretty pissed off that Natalie Portman doesn’t have a horse face that only years of incest to maintain a religion can produce, she’s one of those good looking Jewish girl that I know exist but feel are totally not authentic.

I’ll still post these bikini pics, because it’s something to look at, and I wasn’t about to post the Charlotte Church fat and pregnant pics I linked to yesterday because I see enough fat ass daily, whether in the mirror or in my bedroom, and I’ve been making too many fat and pregnant jokes that I need something more interesting, like a little anti-semitic action. Don’t worry some of my best friends are Jewish. I like to keep one person from every walk of life close by so I can get away with being an asshole. Cuddles.

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