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I am – Joss Stone Tending Bar of the Day


This is today’s fetish post, because any girl pouring a drink is something worth getting off to. I always had a thing for girls behind a bar. It is mainly because I am an alcoholic and the woman who brings me and my love together is pretty much my personal savior. The other reason I like barmaids is because they are hot, wear low cut shirt and tight short skirts trying to seduce me into tipping them. They also have no choice but to talk to me so I get to drop all my insanity on them in one night of drinking and they just smile and nod making me feel like a star.

Joss Stone is obviously doing this as some sort of publicity stunt I don’t fucking understand but I don’t get out much so maybe it all makes sense to you. I was hoping that her career after singing involved more public penis in vagina action, but maybe it’s too soon to ask for that much…give the bitch some time.

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