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I am – Gwen Stefani Ruins My Fetish of the Day


Here are some pictures of Gwen Stefani dressing close enough to a French Maid to make me never want to look at a bitch in a French Maid’s outfit again, even though I love that cheesy sexy shit that is so played out that every bitch rocks this shit for halloween which wasn’t a bad thing until Gwen Stefani ruined it for me. I feel like Halloween won’t be as good as it once was and now when every college slut on campus is rocking her variation of the french maid outfit, even if her variation involves no panties and an exposed cooter, even if her and her friend are going down on each other in the shower and a french maid party, my brain will go back to these Gwen Stefani pics poisoning me to never enjoy such an enjoyable thing again…

I guess the reality is that nothing will ever make me hate girls going down on each other, or girls dressed like sluts, but I had no other angle for the post and Gwen Stefani is pretty fucking busted, even when she’s showin’ off her long legs….

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