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I am – Kimmy Stewart Getting Dressed Like a Clown at Coachella of the Day


The problem with strip clubs is that the girls who are there with their boyfriends or husbands, usually there for the first time are a lot fucking hotter than any of the strippers who are up on stage. The last time I was at a strip club there was a pretty hot blonde chick who looked like she just got out of bed, in sweatpants and shoes that looked like slippers, like her and her boyfriend were in the middle of banging before he stopped her because it wasn’t working for him and that he had to run to the strippers to get inspired with new tits or some shit. But year, that half asleep looking girl was substantially hotter than any of the strippers and I ended up spending my whole night staring at her, until the boyfriend came up to me and told me to fuck off. Luckily they had some Larry King playing on one of the TV screens that was supposed to be for porn and my girl Oprah was on because Oprah is my porn and strippers are just a waste of fucking space when they’re ugly….

Either way, here are pictures of Kimmy Stewart at Coachella dressed way too over the top for me to understand what the fuck is going on. Is she a clown or doing a drag show because I have seen Halloween costumes with less fucking intensity. The fag with the penis haircut and valet vest is almost prettier to look at, which doesn’t make me gay, it just means that Kimbo is that fucking ugly because that dude is a total cunt and from my experience, just cuz bitch wears a bikini top, doesn’t mean bitch is a bitch…if you know what I mean.. Cuddles….

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