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I am – Sophie Howard's Selfshot Topless Pics of the Day


Here are some candid topless selfshot pics of Sophie Howard, some slut from the UK.

I am not really sure when these hit the internet, it’s probably been a while, but that’s ok because I am still going to post them, that’s how committed I am to this shit. It’s Friday and I figure that since you won’t be getting any tits over the weekend, this will be an online substitute for you to jerk off to, and I love thinking about dudes jerking off to my writing. Reality is, if you can get off to a set of tits, you’re probably 12 years old and shouldn’t be looking at boobies on the internet, that’s what National Geographic and late night cable is for….

I am pretty happy digital cameras were invented, they have allowed every single girl who owns one to take nude pics. For the most part they get deleted or only sent to the lucky few who end up posting them on message boards for people like me, who don’t talk to anyone outside the computer, to look at….making the internet a creepy place that I call home.

These may not be leaked pics cuz she’s wearing 2 pairs of underwear and there’s photo equipment behind her, but it’s good enough.


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