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I am – Minnie Driver's Stupid Bra of the Day


I’m all for women wearing see through clothing because see through clothing is the closest thing to naked. I never understood dudes who would say that they find girls in clothing hotter than when they get naked, because when they are naked you see everything and it’s very clinical, whereas when they are clothed it leaves everything up to the imagination. I was never one of those guys. The more naked the better for me, even when the bitch is like that busted old pick-up truck rotting away in your backyard. But I am not interested in her wearing a see through shirt in attempts to tease me into her pants. I live by the philosophy of if you’re infront of me naked I’ll do it, but if you’re trying to be sexy in spandex or lace, I am not going to try to get you naked, I am just going to laugh at you.

My wife doesn’t agree. Last summer, she dragged me to her family reunion that was at some welfare park on the lake. I wasn’t interested in going, but with the free booze, food and teens in bikinis. We get to the lake, and my fat whore of a wife decides to reaveal her new bathing suit to the whole fucking family. Now bitch is 350 pounds and they don’t make bathing suits her size so when she put the mother fucking thing on it stretched out so much the thing turned see through. I am talking every thread on that fucking thing was doing all it fucking could to support the heavy load, so everyone in the family got to see what I get to see every fucking night…..and they weren’t too impressed, I think her brother left the party with his 3 kids because of it….

Point of the story is, if you are fat, if you are ugly, if you have never had many sober guys try to sleep with you, the whole less is more does not apply to you. Here’s some shots of Mini Driver in her bra and some see-through shirt action….

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