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I am – Gemma Ward is a Model of the Day


I was watching the View earlier today while trying to sober up and they were talking about the HPV vaccine and how little girls should get it at the age of 9 to prevent all chances of landing warts and cervical cancer. They said that 30% of girls are banging by the age of 13 and I was pretty fucking shocked to hear that. When I was 13 I don’t even think I knew what jerking of was. I was too busy playing with barbies and learning how to speak english while avoiding crazy rednecks throwing horse manure at me in the seventh grade. They were cowboys and into that shit and not so into mexican immigrants…

That said, this is a model named Gemma Ward and she’s pretty much a big deal at least I am told she is….By the looks of the picture of her kissing that dude, it’s safe to say that I hope she got her HPV vaccine….sleeping your way to the top can kill you.

Bonus – Petra Nemcova at the Same Event

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  • Santarpia

    cool picxxs