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I am – Rihanna Hiding Her Forehead of the Day


I think it’s funny that bloggers call big foreheads fiveheads because five is bigger than four, get it. It’s one of those witty play on words that makes them successful and me a waste of fucking space on the internet. I do like how all the abuse Rihanna’s been getting the last little while about lookin’ like an alien has made her make changes to her hairstyle, like making bangs that hide the fucking thing. I think she’s pretty hot regardless of her big forehead because I have no standards and I am too busy staring at her tits. I also realize that I have banged girls with a lot worse than a big forehead. I am talking girls who are missing limbs, who were drugged up, who had serious disabilities, who were fat, who stank like shit, who had what looked like an empty scrotum for vagina lips, who may have been men years earlier and a little extra forehead would have been a lot fucking easier to stomach. But since I was a pervert and a trooper, I pulled through. Either way, the lesson learned is that a little touch up paint may not fix a broken car, but a broken car is better than a scooter, because scooters are fucking gay. What I mean is that the more you dis someone, the more likely they are in making changes to suit your needs….

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