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I am – Bijou Phillips Wears a Fake See-Through Dress and I Hate Paparazzi of the Day


I hate the paparazzi…they are bottom feeding pieces of shit who take pictures of people they don’t have permission to take pictures of and then release them to the internet or sell them for huge amounts of money and when little old me comes across the pics in a a message board and writes a little blurb about whoever is in the picture and puts them on my site, the motherfuckers have to come after me, threatening to sue me.

I just run a personal blog that makes no money and these assholes run some kind of blackmarket photo business that makes millions and should be stopped, whether that means I have to switch my content to porn, or to pictures of people I take myself or not….

This is what they sent me:

Clare Wigmore wrote:

These photos of Maggie Gyllenhaal as above that you have added to your web site belongs to Splash News and have been reprinted on your web site without payment or permission.

I must ask that you delete them immediately from your archive, web site and any digital storage.

Please confirm by email that you have deleted these images.

Thank you for your prompt assistance in this matter.
Yours sincerely,
Clare Wigmore on behalf of Splash News

333 W. Washington Boulevard, Suite 508
Marina del Rey – CA 90292 – USA
Tel 001 310 821 2666 – Fax 001 310 821 9696

This was my response because I like to be funny.


Thanks for the lovely email. I figure before getting down to business we should take the time to get to know each other. I usually like dealing with people who I’ve seen naked, I feel like it leaves little on the table to get in the way of getting things done. You know I won’t be wondering how your parts “hang” while you’re talking to me….

Ok, Now down to business, attached you will find an invoice for the $25,000 clicks I have sent your site at my exclusive SplashNews rate of $5 per click.

You can either pay me the $125,000 in credits to use your pictures, or you can always send a check to my mailing address.

Thanks Sweetheart.

Oh and PS – I take personal offense to the mis-use of the word Unauthorised, how the fuck to do you expect me to take you seriously when you make typos like a fucking clown.

I also take personal fucking offense to you trying to take me down and you trying to fuck with my content that I work hard at writing. Your threats of legal action piss me the fuck off. I don’t make money off my fucking site and I don’t have money to fight you. But let’s face it the real fucking criminal in this whole situation is the psycho stalker hiding in the fucking bushes snappin’ off pics of this bitch and her baby and not the personal blogger writing about big milk filled titties set to those pictures.

That said, I’ll have the pictures before you can spell unauthorised correctly, which may be a fucking while.

With Love,
Jesus Martinez
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AIM //
Trendmill Profile //

Myspace Deleted My Profile Because They Suck //

I’ll Make You Famous, Bitch! That’s the Story I Heard. So, Tell Your Friends. Cuddles.

Here are some pics of Bijou Phillips wearing a fake see through dress.

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