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I am – Carrie Underwood Playing Softball of the Day


I was contacted by a retried runway Model from New England. She told me some stories of doing coke, having an eating disorder and retiring from her career when she 24 or some shit. She wanted to write for the site and this is what she came up with for these Carrie Underwood pics….

Here is Carrie Underwood, continuing to milk Idol fame by wearing a hot outfit and pretending to play softball. Bitch is working it for softball/baseball season to promote her shitty country song about some guy cheating on her ass.

Personally, I love the song because it’s a good chick song to scream when you’re driving but I’m a hypocrite because I am dating a married man. Anyway. I’d work that shit, too, if I had such a crappy song on the radio

I think it is pretty fucking boring. I guess she’s fired too. She could written about getting fucked or loving dick or masturbating instead she talks about screaming along to a chick song. If I wrote this post I don’t know what angle I would have taken because I am feeling fucking stupid with a serious lack of sleep, but I am sure it would have been better than this trash…Maybe about when I used to watch the girls in my highschool practice soccer in shorts like this so that I could watch their tits bounce, or maybe talk about how girls who play sports scare me because they are more man that I’ll ever be, but I didn’t write this post and that’s why it sucks.Thanks for nothing asshole.

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  • David G. Mills

    So, I’ve seen these pics all of the internet. I noticed you don’t credit the agency that is licensing these pictures…, for the photographer.

    I guess you AREN’T paying a licensing fee to use these pictures. If not, than you are “stealing them”.. “copyright infringement.”.

  • David G. Mills

    Dude…I have started contacting photo agencies about EVERY picture on your site, being posted ILLEGALY. Flat out, you’re a thief.

    I contacted TMZ about the their Carrie Underwood bikini pics posted.
    I called them yesterday, and spoke to Dennis.
    I will be calling WENN today, about the Carrie Underwood softball picture.

    I will be doing this all day. Since you decided to steal my pictures, and not compensate ( “I know that’s a big word for you) me..

    You have 2 choices.. Pay for the pictures you post, or risk having no website at all.. (at least no celeb pictures…)

  • I really love Carrie Underwood’s new video – Undo It. Miraculous that she was a nobody simply a couple of years ago.