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I am – Joanna Krupa in Lingerie at the SpikeTV Guy Awards of the Day


I don’t give a fuck about Spike TV. I don’t give a fuck about their shitty guy awards because I find that whole Men’s Market massively fucking gay and creating a Guy Awards isn’t empowering to men, it makes us look like a bunch of fucking cunts. Men aren’t supposed to care about awards we’re supposed to be too busy providing for our families.

This men’s market must be targeting 14 year old boys. It’s all about hot chicks you’ll never bang because they don’t like guys who watch shit like Spike TV. It’s also about cars, machines, sports, sex and UFC and it’s kinda insulting to me that they think guys are supposed to be into all that shit.

I assume that some of your faggots like to get drunk with your buddies and watch this shit while giving each other high fives and maybe even betting on who is going to win and the loser has to do something emasculating like wear women’s panties for a month or even let you and all your other friends jerk off on his face because it’s not gay when it’s about losing a bet or some shit.

Either way, I do give a fuck about hot girls wearing lingerie as party dresses and this is Joanna Krupa from Poland at the Spike TV Guys choice awards lookin’ pretty alright. She was the hired pussy to try to make the party less of a sausage fest. I always thought Polish people were into training circus bears to balance on balls, I guess I was wrong. I guess this isn’t really lingerie, but if you saw what my wife wears to look sexy you’d understand why I consider this shit lingerie, fuck yourself.

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