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I am – Joanna Krupa at a Lingerie Party of the Day


You probably don’t know who this bitch is, actually you’re one of those internet weirdos who just constantly looks at pictures of semi famous girls posing with their big old tits, so you probably have every picture ever taken of her on your hard drive, and that is probably one of the reasons why you can’t get laid. Either way, Krupa is at some lingerie party and she isn’t wearing the kind of lingerie I want to see. I am more into something a little more revealing with a little more skin, not something that doubles as a fucking party dress, but I guess that’s asking too much out of a slut who made her career showing off her fat tits.

I like concept parties. I think panty parties, lingerie parties, pool parties, beach parties, group sex parties are all things I’d like to do. I always wanted to throw parties, but realize that it will cost way too much money, too much time and too much organization that I don’t have the ability to do. Some of the concept parties I’ve had are drinking and driving party to see how many of us get home alive and not arrested as a protest to all these drive safe ads. I also thought about having an amateur stripper party, a nudist party where you check your clothes at the door and I guess those are all I’ve come up with so far.

I am not even going to talk about her gay black accessory because gay black guys are a whole other fucking topic that I don’t I want to get into because we all know black dudes are supposed to be hip hop not taking it in the butt.

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