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I am – Cheryl Tweedy Cole Bikini Pictures of the Day

cheryl tweedy cole bikini pics
cheryl tweedy cole bikini pics

Here are some pictures of Girls Aloud Cheryl Tweedy, who is married to some soccer player named Ashley Cole, in a bikini sporting prison tattoos and animal print like the white trash trailer park whore that she wants to be, but can’t because she’s got too much fucking money.

Speaking of money, I rarely get emails and when I do they aren’t positive. Today’s email was from a site that used to link me saying that she gets too much hate mail for linking to me and that she’s going to have to stop linking me because if her fans don’t dig my site there’s no point in her throwin’ it up. Another site stopped linking me because they make money using google ads and google emailed them saying they will pull the plug if they keep linking me. Someone told me to try submitting my site to Digg.com because it drives a ton of traffic and lets face it I don’t love the fact that this is the coolest site on the internet that nobody every reads and would love to at least be able to buy myself a lap dance with this shit so I tried and my URL is blacklisted. It seems like everything on the internet is working against me for whatever fucking reason. I am not complaining I am still going to do what I do, because I don’t have anything better to do but I really don’t think what I do is porn, but everyone else seems to think it is and that is a fucking problem to me.

If I was jerking off on the computer, I’d hit up sites that have girls masturbating, sucking dick or getting fucked. I am not really into fetish shit, but if I was I would hit that shit up. The shit I throw up here except for a few stepLINKS is shit I’d like my 14 year old stepDaughter see, but then again I’d pretty much let her watch anything, she’s not my kid and don’t really care if she’s watching shit she shouldn’t, it’s her mother’s job, maybe I am lazy, but I like to think of it as being a liberal parent who lets the kids figure shit out on their own.

But that’s not the problem. The problem is you. Stop jerking off to this shit, it’s not meant to be jerked off to and guys like you are guys you see in the park jerking off to girls tanning or guys you see on the bus jerking off to girls reading or guys you see in the ice cream shop jerking off to girls eating ice cream and that’s not the kinda crowd I am trying to get here.

cheryl tweedy cole bikini picscheryl tweedy cole bikini pics

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