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I am – Mandy Moore Bikini Pictures of the Day


Here are some pictures of Mandy Moore in a Bikini.

The problem with running this website is that I write too fucking much that no one reads, so that I am constantly out there trying to remember stories and things I see to throw up on the site. I’ll be on my way to the grocery store or post office or some other menial bullshit with my eyes set on finding something to either inspire me or remind me of shit I have done when I was younger. Memory is a fucking weird thing and shit comes to me at really random fucking times in waves. I was sitting on the couch the other day thinking of nothing and all of a sudden I had vivid memories of my childhood like I was watching a fucking movie and I haven’t thought of it for years and I could practically taste the fucking dust in my mouth from our shitty over crowded shanty that we lived in. Either way, today I am totally drawing a fucking blank and can’t even remember what happened to me yesterday or what I did or who I saw because I was drinking again.

I do remember that DJ AM is slamming this Mandy Moore slut and I have issues with DJ AM because he goes around telling people from my city how much he hates me. I don’t really mind being hated because it’s become my job to offend people by saying what’s on my mind, but you would think that someone like DJ AM would be used to the criticism and have better things to do than worry about a site with no readers, like maybe slamming this little number and by little I mean 6 ft and fat, the kind of girl you’d pick to be on your co-ed football league because she’s built like a fucking tank.

My new theory on this fucking guy is the he’s some kind of diet guru girls turn to for weightloss advice or he gives them AIDS, it is the GAYER THAN BICYCLE SHORTS disease. He used to be 400 lbs and when Nicole Richie got with him she was a fat little troll and became what she is today, a skinny little troll and I am guessing Mandy Moore is doing all she can to get down because being a fat chick with no tits is embarrassing and every girl wants to be skinny.

Either way, he plays shitty music, he was engaged to a pretty shitty girl but he does have a pretty decent life traveling the world going to bars and drives expensive cars. I don’t see why the fuck would he care about what someone like me thinks or says enough to tell people that he hates me other than the fact that dude’s a little hyper fucking sensitive or working on my marketing for me.

Thanks to DJ AM, who we all know is Gayer than Bicycle shorts, I am one degree of separation from this bitch I am posting about and I feel pretty fucking shitty about that because I could care fucking less but I do think it’s funny.

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