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I am – Paris Hilton’s Retarded Cleavage of the Day


Paris Hilton has been out of Jail for about a week or something and has already spent time on the beach in Hawaii, she’s gone shopping and she’s been going to acting classes and obviously trying to launch some sort of worthy career we can all laugh at her about. She held off on partying for all this time and has finally gone out to a club over the weekend. The funny thing about her is that she’s got some crazy fucking tit action going on and since I saw her half naked, I know shit’s not real. She’s probably been hanging with Pam Anderson’s magical boyfriend to make this illusion shit happen, or she’s just spent a decent amount of money on some miracle bra and fake tit inserts because this cleavage makes no fucking sense for an A-Cup.

Whenever I see girls do this kind of thing, I get a little pissed off. They are the kind of girl you think are hot and you’re scoring huge with when you get enough courage to roofie them up and drag them out of a club by their hair to bring them home with you, because let’s face it, that’s the only game you really have, your personality doesn’t ever get you that far. Once you get them naked you realize that they are not the woman you thought you were getting with and for the rest of the night all you can think about is the 200 pound fat slut who actually had real tits that you coulda probably got without having to date rape drug them.

Paris Hilton reminds us that things aren’t always what they seem as she pretends to make a difference in the world from her life changing jail experience by going to clubs and getting drunk with a set of big tits that just confuse us as into thinking whether anything out there is really authentic or just some practical joke they are playing on us like life is candid fucking camera….

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