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I am – Megan Fox isn't that Hot and is Banging David from 90210 of the Day


Here are some pictures of Megan Fox at some airport with her lame fucking boyfriend from the other day. The reason I am posting these is because I often think a girl is hot until realizing who they are banging and then I get totally turned the fuck off of them. This bitch is all the rage lately and everyone wants a piece of her and all I can see in this pictures is a half decent girl with shitty fucking tattoos that match her useless boyfriend’s shitty fucking tattoos together making a couple that is not so hot and desirable but wealthy in shitty tattoos.

It seems like girls who all the guys find hot and worth around consistently go out and find the biggest fucking cunt out there as a way to make us all feel like bigger losers than we already are. I remember meeting this girl when I was in my 20s who had everything going for her, a job, money, looks, an education and was probably the best lap dance the city had to fucking offer, but one day while smoking a cigarette outside the club she worked at, I saw her get into the car with some asshole in a tracksuit. At first I thought that dude was just her driver but a month later I saw her at a club with him and a few weeks after that I saw them holding hands walking downtown together and I realized that this bundle of hair gel and muscles and a tattoo that said “Italia # 1” was actually her boyfriend. It made getting a lap dance from her a struggle, because no matter how bad I loved her naked and grinding on me for 10 dollars a song, I couldn’t get over that she was involved with that dude. Eventually, I would only get dances from her out of spite, it was like a “Hate Fuck” but a little more expensive and a little less naked on my part.

Either way, I know that I am not as popular as David from 90210. I know that he’s been banging pretty decent lookin’ bitches since his last role as David on 90210, 10 years ago, but the only reason for that is because girls in their mid 20s grew up wanting his cock and now they are living out that dream while he is a hell of a lot more accessible. Megan Fox was a nobody up until this Transformers shit hit, so hopefully this new role as the hottest bitch in movies of the summer will open her up to some new cock that is a little easier for people like me to stomach. Until then she’s not a hot slut I want to see more of, she’s just wasted pussy on some useless f-lister, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to see her get stuffed like a Turkey on Thanksgiving….let’s just hope this Brian Austin Green asshole isn’t giving her acting tips.

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