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I am – Hilary Swank Bikini Pictures of the Day


If I was a real blogger I’d write that bitch was wrong in saying Boys Don’t Cry because she never got in a bikini for them to put that theory to test. She probably hasn’t pulled out her dick in the movie and raped anyone either, but I do know that there are some things that make a guy cry.

Hilary Swank has only been hot in one role, and that’s Boys Don’t Cry, because even though she looked like a dude, I still got to see her stuff Becky from Roseanne with a dildo and at the time it came out lesbians had little place in the World, except maybe for Ellen or this bitch who worked at the laundry mat down the street from me who always gave me dirty looks because I had a penis…

Reality is, I am trying to get ready for this cruise my wife went on. She isn’t coming with me anymore because I convinced her that I needed to get away from her and that she wouldn’t fit on the plane, fit in a bathing suit or fit in the deck chairs they had lined up by the pool. I am not as excited as I should be about this cruise because someone told me everything costs money once you’re there, I am not into being locked in a floating mall with a bunch of old ladies for 2 days without seeing land, and I have never travelled. Today’s goal was to go out and get sedatives from the doctor because health care is free, but I slept in and now I am forced to come back to this site and post shit you’ve already seen about Hilary Swank’s shrunken tits and horseface. I don’t mind, I am actually going to miss doing this everyday and that’s more embarrassing than when Hilary Swank’s testicles fall out of her bikini and into the fag she’s dating’s mouth….

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