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I am – Kirsten Dunst is a Drunken, Braless, Mess of the Day

Kirsten Dunst

The more I write about rich people, the less I understand them, I swear to fucking god. My mom always tells me that you can’t understand someone until you walk around in their shoes for awhile, but if you have never had a pair of shoes, and don’t know what its like to walk in shoes in the first place, well, I think you see what I’m getting at.

The only thing worse then a rich person who walks around with ridiculous luxuries is one who try’s way to god damned hard to be like common people. This bitch is a millionaire, she was in Interview with a Vampire when she was eleven and got to kiss Brad Pitt. She probably has more money then you and your entire family will ever make until you die.

I don’t understand those supposedly crazy rich homeless guys either, and to be honest, I think that shit is all a myth. Every town I have ever lived in has some some old wives talk about Johnny the millionaire who gave it all up to live on the street. Why, honestly why, would some rich asshole give up everything he owns to live on the street, eat what you and I throw away, sleep on concrete etc? You either have rich guys walking around with diamonds on their teeth, or rich people who don’t want to be rich and walk around braless and not showered.

Maybe it’s not myth, maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe a lot of the homeless are some type of supreme intellectual being that understand we don’t need material things to be happy. If that’s the case, next time a homeless person asks me for change, I ain’t giving him shit, and I’m DAMN sure gonna loot his pockets for his ATM card.

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