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I am – Vida Guerra’s Ass of the Day

Vida Guerra

I used to be super into sports and being active when I was around 15, until I realized that smoking pot in the schooyard with my friends and being outside in the sun fuking around was a hell of a lot more fun then being inside getting yelled by Coach. I was real good at Basketball and Volleyball, but I generally just don’t have that killer instinct when it comes to winning and when we would loose a game and Coach would yell at us, I would just b all “Yeah, whatever.� And go outside to smoke and send text messages and find out where the party was at.

A lot of the other problem was that I hated the fact that all the sports kids rolled together at school, and that I didn’t fit in with sporty-bitch-cunt girls, nor was I interested in fucking the meathead-jock-assholes who ran around date raping the girls I went to school with, who thought by fucking those idiots it would make them popular or some shit. So I ended up quitting sports all together, and even though the assholes didn’t want to date rape me for the most part which was good (but also didn’t matter cause that shit had already happened when I was 14 anyways and traumatized me forever, more on that later). The chicks however, did end up wanting to kick the shit out of me on a regular basis and I don’t believe in fighting for the part and spent most of highschool watching my ass, and I really don’t give a shit if you call me a pussy, because people who run around picking fights need to grow the fuck up. Eventually once I became a senior I was taller then all of them and also punch one square in the face at a party who was fucking with a younger chick. None of them fucked with me after that.

Alas, instead of staying in the sports game, getting a scholarship or something y, and ending up with an ass like Vida Guerra from working out so much and being fit, I ended up developing photos during my lunch hour to avoid fist fights, getting a job writing for all 6 of you reading out there and not getting to go to a state college. Overall, I do think I ended up with a pretty nice ass tho.

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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  • hola nenita. Hace muchos años que no veia una mujer como tu tan preciosa y tan linda. Me encantaria que me contestes porfavor