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I am – Dirty Jobs : The Britney Spears Assistant Edition

Britney Spears

I dunno if you guys are familiar with this show Dirty Jobs on Discovery. Basicially this dude Mike Rowe has to go and do all the shitty, disgusting jobs that you and I don’t think about while you’re busy being a freelance whatever and I’m sitting here writing this for all 3 of you to read. Anyways, I had this great idea for a special edition they could do, and posted it in their forums HERE though I have a feeling they may remove it rather quickly. I really hope he replies.

Below is the full post I made today:

Dear Mike Rowe and the Dirty Jobs Crew

Let me start by saying I’m a big fan of you and your show and was thinking this morning that I had a great idea for one of your upcoming episodes of Dirty Jobs. As a part of my own job, I get to comment and basically make fun of celebrities all day. It’s really great. It gives meaning to my life and most of the time is pretty funny. I also work at Dairy Queen part-time but I think I’m getting fired. That’s another story.

Anywhoo, my idea is that you could go and be Britney Spear’s assistant for one full week, as I think that is probably the dirtiest job on the planet right now. You get to wake her up out of Vicodin and Valium hangovers and hold her hair while she barfs. You get to change poopy diapers that haven’t been changed in a few hours, pick the head lice out of her hair weave like an orangutan and you may even have to see her naked. I can’t think of a dirtier job then that, can you?

I think it would be a great episode and that it would help your ratings a lot, not that you need it. If you can’t do it, I understand, because I know your producers may not like the idea. I get the feeling they aren’t half as cool as you are and they probably all wear suits to work and eat salads. That’s pretty lame. Nonetheless, send me some full frontal nudes, fully shaven. I think you’re pretty hott.

Hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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