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I am – Catherine Zeta Jones Is A Winner of the Day

Catherine Zeta-Jones

By the time your read this post, I will be in the middle of a strip search at the airport. Apparently, bull-dyke security guards think white girls in tank tops and yoga pants make excellent terrorists. I am flying to LA today to meet up with an old client, we’ll call him WR. He’s turning 50 on friday, and offered to fly me out to help him ‘celebrate.’ WR was one of my biggest spenders who let me sleep over at his townhouse and paid me extra for it, which i would have done for free (my pimp kept me in shitholes). He has this bending a girl over some sort of rail fetish and fucking her from behind. I am talking the wooden rails on his staircase landings, the stone wall of his ‘front’ balcony, and the fire-scape in the back. I didn’t like the fire-escape: it was too low and metal, and I am not into pelvic bruising , and a few times he pounded me so hard i nearly went over.

WR moved to LA just before I quit the biz of being a true-blue whore. We kept in touch, and I became his sort of confidante. Why is it that when someone shoves coins up your cunt for a while they feel like they have an intimate bond with you? Maybe it’s because you’re their dirty little secret, so they can unburden their own on you without being judged. Or let’s face it, they are fucking lonely.

Now I know I swore off penetration-for-pay a few years back, but there is a loophole. WR’s cock snuggly fills this loophole: my rent is due and LA is my first hometown. Also, WR is twice my age, has insane cholesterol issues, and I am thinking about his will.

If you are gonna judge me for a free vacation and crazy sex for cash, then judge Catherine Zeta Jones also. She married an old man for a contract and popped out as many kids as his decaying sperm could deliver. Here she is with her ample tits and bod at Letterman yesterday. Pretend you are Michael Douglas and you own it. Although I am not impressed with her ass… it’s a little flat.

Obediently yours,
Sugar Nell (ex-hooker, friend of Jesus)


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