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I am – Bianca Gasciogne Lingerie Pics of the Day

Bianca Gasciogne

I ended up watching some movie on the weekend where some kid ends up with brain cancer at the end and dies and blah, blah, blah and everyone I was watching it with was really sad and all that bullshit while I just sat there not really feeling anything about it, because unlike my idiot friends, I don’t get all upset when watching stories about fucking make believe. It’s called ACTING you fucking tards.

To make matters worse, it got all “these are the things we need to do if we ever only have a short time to live� etc, which is fucking bullshit, because you shouldn’t wait till you are fucking sick to do those things, you should fucking do them NOW.

Anyways, I was so annoyed with this god damned situation that I told them all if I get Cancer, I’m gonna sit in my bedroom and hate this world and everything in it. I wouldn’t want any visitors or well wishers and no fucking Chemo either.. I wouldn’t fight at all and would want that shit to kill me as fast as possible and would also smoke more cigarettes in hopes of accelerating the cancer, thereby killing me faster. They launched into the whole cancer isn’t funny thing, and that’s when I made a break for it.

Here’s Bianca Gasciogne. She’s the girl you would like to fuck if you had Cancer and only had a short time to live, cause you are a virgin and will use any excuse to get laid.

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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