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I am – Dannii Minogue Get'n Tight with a Chick of the Day

Dannii Minogue

Last night was my friend’s friend’s birthday, so i tagged along. It was a small group and we started at some Euro trash bar, where the guys were slim pickings. A decent specimen starts talking to the birthday girl, and I swagger over and butt in, because the bday girl is not my friend. He is some Israeli, and even though his accent annoyed me, the thought that he could kill me was hot, because all Israelis are commandos (they just are). We start grinding, and I can feel his hard cock on my thigh through his jeans. He wants a cigg break and I follow, which ends with us making out in front of the club. I was wearing a lacey tailored jacket with two buttons and nothing but a bra underneath for easy access since I am always thinking ahead. The bouncer tells us to move it to the alley. Before long he is feeling me up and massaging my tit, and the other hand is down my jeans, clutching my pantyless butt cheek. He keeps talking about going to his place, but in the light of the street lamps I realized I could do better. So I went back inside, found my friend, and we bounced to another club with the bday girl giving me the evil eye the whole time. Within 10 minutes I was making out with some NYU grad student when I realized I was missing one of the two buttons holding my top together. Oh well. I went home alone because my vagina is still aching from the weekend.

These pics of singer/model/sister (who gives a shit?) Dannii Minogue in the back of a car with some other chick halfway to feeling up her ass may leave you aching because you have girl on girl fantasies. Dannii was caught making out with a stripper giving her a lap dance on tape last year. So maybe your fantasies of Kylie’s sister aren’t so far off. Have fun virgins while I nurse my hangover.

Obediently yours,
Sugar Nell (ex-hooker, friend of Jesus)


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