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I am – Milla Jovovich Before the Knock Up of the Day

Milla Jovovich

I found pictures of a knocked up Milla Jovovich which I thought were actually cute, but I didn’t post them because I know in your make believe world, all women are 110 pounds with DD tits and asses you can bounce quarters off, so I posted these ones I found instead, as not to be the person who shows you that reality is not the delusions of your own, sexless mind.

People talk a lot of shit about how pregnant ladies are hott, but that’s only for the first 4-5 months I would say, maybe less, when they have that cute little pregnant tummy, and the realization that they have no way out of this shit hasn’t quite sunk in yet. Once bitch starts blowing up, daddy-to-be suddenly looses interest in fucking her and pretty much touching her all together, but keeps telling her “You’re beautiful!!�.

This may come as a giant shock to some of you, but women know they are fat and ugly when they are pregnant, and telling them over and over that they are not, while you stare at 20 year olds walking down the street, only fucking makes it worse. So in the event you actually ever meet a real, live women (not the Realdoll you keep on your closet) and god forbid you impregnate her with your loser sperm, tell her what she already knows, “Honey, I still love you, but you are seriously fucking fat right now, and honestly, you disgust me. I will touch you again when you pop that kid out and head to the gym with the membership I will give you as a “gift�.

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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