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I am – Kimberly Stewart Bikini Pictures of the Day


The weekend is always pretty dull for me. I end up going out on Friday and getting carried away with the drinking so that on Saturday I can’t fucking function and end up passing out by midnight on the kitchen floor, and Sunday is always the day I have set to do shit like the dishes or the laundry or whatever around the house but it never fucking happens, I always get distracted or end up at my wife’s shitty tea party with disgusting bitches who can’t get dick, but trust me they are fucking trying and by the time I figure out a way to get the fuck out of that shit, I try to hit up the strippers to get a couple of lap dances to inspire me for the week of work, because new titties always make for new ideas but my wife had no money for me to steal and I was forced to stay in and smell her from the other room. I was considering posting all the new pictures that are came out over the weekend, but since it was the day of rest, I decided to sleep for 14 hours instead.

Here are some Kimmy Stewart pics in some booty short type bottoms riding up her ass….I always write about how this bitch looks like she’s been hit by a fuckin bus because her face is so fucking busted but she’s got a good enough body for me and I’d still watch her shower because I’d pretty much watch anyone shower, but that’s the kind of guy I am, I call it non-discriminating, and I should be an example to all you fucking bigots. Reality is bitch has cellulite an should be rocking a pair of those body contouring shorts that hide that shit, but if you’ve seen my wife, you would realize that a little out of shape skinny girl in boyshorts is a lot better than a morbidly obese fat girl in pretty much anything. So be a little more positive about things, asshole.

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