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I am – Daveigh Chase Bikini Pics of the Day


This girl is some child star who was in nothing you’d ever care to see and has credits like the movie AI: Artificial Intelligence, but her scenes were deleted. She’s also the voice of Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, which may be something you’re more familiar with since you use it as a back-up pick-up line when the little girls in the park refuse to go to your van to pet your puppy…Either way, she’s in a bikini with some asshole with stupid hair.

I went to the park today for the first time since getting back, I hadn’t really missed it all that much, because being around freakshow losers is only fun when I am in the mood to laugh at people and not on sensitive days like today where I kinda feel sorry for people. Anyway, nothing changed over the last month except for this one dude Billy who is pretty much a waste of space, addicted to drugs and on welfare. Anyway, everytime I see Billy he looks like he’s aged 5 years and at this rate dude is going to look 90 by the end of next year….and he has inspired me to go out and get a job…

Before I do that, I borrowed my friend’s Stick It DVD and it isn’t what dreams are made of like I thought it would be….but I will watch it over and over again until I get my act together and get a job, which may be sometime next year….

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  • she’s got a beautiful body,and not only a perfect body,also multi-talented.
    i’d like to see all those cocky celebs try all what she can,no way they can keep up with the best,and the best is Daveigh

  • Manc17

    GROSS, she’s got no shape, herps, and she’s a fucking dog abuser. Not sexy.