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I am – Lorie Louhglin is a Soccer Mom Prude of the Day


My best friend Anna is going through a hard time right now because her parents are getting divorced. Personally I saw it coming. Her father is one of those forty year old good looking men like George Clooney who is a musician, loads of fun and likes to party while her mom on the other hand is a boring housewife who works some average professional job and has a body shaped like a pear. I’m guessing when he met her she was young, hot and easy, and now has slipped into the marriage trap of dinner parties with friends and no sex.

So the natural course of events took place and one day when the wife was supposed to be out, he had a ‘lady friend’ come over. He was fucking the shit out of her in the kitchen, with her bent over their island in the middle of the room, and him getting her from behind. What he didn’t know was his wife walked in through the back entrance and was standing behind them for about five minutes, while he pounded away at the whore. They only realized when they went to change positions and when the chick sat up on the counter to take it from the front, she screamed.

Now, if this were the porn movies you hide under you bed so your Mom doesn’t find them, this is part where the wife and the whore would start making out with each other and rubbing their tits on one another, and then simultaneously go down on the guy and would turn into a full on threesome. But it’s not, and it didn’t and instead the story ends with the whore running out of the house naked to her waiting driver and the husband getting hit over the head with a frying pan. Needless to say, they filed for divorce shortly there after and a pimp paid a visit to their house that night to collect for the money that was still due, regardless of the circumstances.

Here’s Lorie Loughlin. She played Uncle Jessie’s boring wife Rebecca in Full House (that shitty show the Olsen Twins were on) Rebecca kind of reminds me of my friends Mom, not because they look alike, but because like my friends Mom, boring old Rebecca never would have rubbed her tits on anyone, probably never fucked Uncle Jessie, and would have eventually walked in on him banging a whore in that nice kitchen of theirs, had the show not been cancelled first. Now THAT would have made for a series finale.

She looks hot in these pics tho, so you can fantasize that she is instead a bi-sexual minx waiting to please you in every way you wish, and that you aren’t in fact a loser virgin living in your Mom’s basement.

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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