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I am – Bianca Gacoigne Bikini Nipple Pictures of the Day


I have posted about this bitch before. She’s pretty much a nobody. Her mom was married to a UK footballer and she ended up on some reality show where she got drunk and slutted out and since then she has been on a quest to be the biggest whore out there but she’s doing a pretty bad fucking job proven by the fact that her fake tits suck and she’s wearing a bikini….if she was a real whore there’d be a dick in her mouth or something similar like maybe a vagina….

Either way, I got punched in the face yesterday. I wasn’t too surprised considering I tend to say pretty funny things to people randomly that they always seem to take offense to. This time it was because I was walking down the street and heard a baby crying really fucking loud. I looked up ahead and saw a mother in her van and they where black and she was trying to calm the baby down. I turn to a guy standing about 10 feet away from them and think this is a perfect opportunity to drop a harmless racist joke. So I say “you know what the baby is crying right?” and the guy says “why” and I say “Cuz it just found out it was black”…..seriously a totally harmless joke but it turns out that he was the father of the kid and doesn’t like black jokes since he’s all United Nations and marries black women and has black babies….I am not a racist, but based on this guys reaction for thinking I am one, I don’t suggest you be one either.

That is today’s life lesson, now look at this Bianca Gascoigne bitch in a bikini and realize that I’d bang her even if she was black because I don’t discriminate, I only do it sometimes for the sake of jokes….

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