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I am – Charlize Theron’s Cleavage of the Day


I have a token gay blogger to attract more girls to the site because girls like fags. There was a time when I knew a kid who pretended to be fag to get laid. He would trick girls into taking him shopping and trying on clothes for him. In his 6 month experiment he saw more bare vagina than anyone I’ve met. When he told the girls he wanted to test out vagina, they’d all comply, cuz they thought they were so hot that a gay dude would go straight for them….what they didn’t realize is that was his game and he was running it on so many chicks….

So anyway, if girls like fags and I let fags write for the site, maybe girls will like me enough to send me vagina pictures…so my token gay blogger wrote about these pictures that I wouldn’t normally post about because they are fashion shots and they are boring, but since he’s gay, I’ll let it slide because I know that we’re different and I accept diversity….and because I don’t want him reporting me as a discriminating gay hating guy with a website who doesn’t pay him cuz that will work against this whole getting girls to send in vagina pictures….

Here is his post….

So I was at this bar the other night and it was really boring and this group of cunts are standing around going “You almost spilled you drink on my 3000 dollar suit. C’MON!” and “I asked you to get me another drink. C’MON!” Now, we are all aware that Arrested Development was a really funny show and that it’s a shame that it got cancelled and blah blah blah. But please, don’t sully it’s good name by fucking quoting it to death. If I see one more fucking frat boy doing JOB’s chicken dance in the middle of a bar will actually vomit. You might as well be talking like Borat while wearing a “Vote For Pedro” t-shirt.

Move the fuck on.

Here are some pics of Charlize Theron looking like a whore. She played a retard on Arrested Development.



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