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I am – Alyson Hannigan in Fuck Me Boots of the Day


Here is a picture of Alyson Hannigan in fuck me boots, because fuck me boots were so fucking popular a few years ago that everywhere you went girls would be rockin’ them with a hot short skirt, but for some reason shit shifted, fuck me boots were considered too whorish for girls to wear, because they were called fuck me boots, and they were done feeding into the degradation. Maybe they got a boyfriend or became a feminist or some kind of hippie tree hugger who works at the organic food store who hates me because I don’t recycle and doesn’t wear shoes because they find them oppressive but I know they are still out there and Alsyon Hannigan is reminding us that they exist while reminding us that she still exists because let’s face it, being casted as the ugly chick in American Pie should have broken her down enough to realize that she’s the ugly chick no one wants to see on screen.

Either way, it’s too bad that this bitch has to be the one reminding us that Fuck Me Boots are still around because no one wants to fuck her, she’s probably wearing the boots in efforts to get fucked because it’s understood what they imply…the next best thing to wearing fuck me boots would be to wear a “Please Fuck Me” hat, or to walk around, vagina exposed, grabbing her box screaming “I NEED FUCKING DICK”.

That said, I was outside for a few hours and saw some girl who was probably barely 18 walking to school and she was wearing these boots that went up to her fucking vagina. They were some next level pretty woman shit, with a stiletto heel and all, and she was with her mom and I was fuckin’ thrown off as fuck. But not as thrown off as the time my friend told me that he wanted to bang Alyson Hannigan, that shit was just too much to handle and I had no choice but to “peace” on that friendship. That was me using terms of the generation. I am trying to cater to a younger crowd.

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  • ger

    i bet you wanted to fuck alyson hannigan before she was even famous and she turned you down and now you’re bitter.

  • Hmm i hope you don’t get offended with this question, but how much does a site like yours earn?