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I am – Megan Fox and her Boyfriend of the Day


I am always happy to see Megan Fox with her boyfriend, mainly for you because it gives losers like you hope that one day you will bag a hot chick. I know that in Megan Fox’s case she was probably diddling herself to David on 90210 when she was growing up so for her she’s living the fuckin’ dream and that no girl has ever diddled herself for you, so your Megan Fox will never come out of the woodwork and sweep you out of your shitty fucking life, but at least there’s hope and delusion is just as good as reality because at least you believe it and if you believe it then it’s truth. See how fuckin’ deep I am, and it’s all because Megan Fox and David from 90210 bring out my internal philosopher, it’s got nothing to do with you inspiring me because you don’t inspire anyone, you don’t even inspire your mother enough to admit that you came from her pussy.

Bonus: Megan Fox Ass in Denim

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  • Jason Priestley

    How does someone as ugly as Brian Austin Green get these hot sluts like Tiffani Amber-Thiessen, Vanessa Marcill and Megan Fox?