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I am – Gisele Rocks a Bikini of the Day


I thing I like about Gisele is the mystery of whether she has a vagina or not. Bitch is from Brazil and everyone I talk to who knows anything about Brazil say they have the hottest lady-boys in the world and that you can’t even tell the difference and when drunk and in Brazil, who needs to tell the difference, especially if AIDS is your thing.

I used to know this fag who didn’t know he was a fag but was obsessed with Tranny porn, he claimed it wasn’t gay because he was only into lady-boys slamming chicks and not dudes slammin’ lady-boys up their lady-boy asses, so he was convinced shit was less gay than watching straight porn because the dude looked like a chick and it was more like hybrid lesbian porn with some chick with dick shit instead of a strap on but still 2 sets of tits and 1 dick, instead of that faggot ass straight porn you watch, because I know you’re not actually getting off to the chick getting fucked but to the porn dick. Fag.

Either way, bitch has some serious legs, and I guess even if they lead to a fat cock, I’d still have no choice but to watch her jerk off on my fatty man tits, because I have a thing for models.

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