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I am – Chloe Sevigny Hiding Her Ugly Face of the Day


I heard that Kids was actually a documentary and Chloe Sevingy really has AIDS or at least looks like she does. I am convinced that all hipsters have AIDS because they all bang the same people since the scene is small and the talent pool is limited and when all fucked up after partying all night, sex is good, even if your friend slammed the same chick 2 nights before, because without your friend, you would have met her or got her back to your place. He was your in.

The reality is that Kids scared the fuck out of a generation of teenagers in the mid-90s. Every girl and guy were rockin’ condoms because the movie made them think AIDS was everywhere and that kinda sucked when I was in a raw doggin mood, but at least I don’t have AIDS because of it. Kids today don’t have that kind of fear instilled in them and they grew up watching porn and unprotected sex is just the way it’s done. No one they knows has AIDS. They have seen their icons like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian (hahaha) banging on tape without condoms and watch all those Hip Hop videos and shit turning them all into loose in the hipped sluts. So my prediction is that this “sexual revolution” where kids are fucking because they have the parts to fuck, without the knowledge to fuck well or fuck smart, is that everyone will have Aids in 10 years and people like Chloe Sevigny will be seen as leaders in the movement since she’s been had the germ since 95…or at least that’s what I heard because this bitch was an original new generation cocaine hipster in the New York fashion scene in the 90s and was banging people like Harmony Korine and Vincent Gallo because she’s so artistic. She was best friends with models and people in bands and useless Bijou Phillips trash and other rich kids on coke who pretend to know what’s up because they are glorified groupies of people who are actually doing things and because they are constantly looking for the next “cool” thing to spend their trust fund money on.

But the point is to say that I guess she deserves some credit for being a good enough actor that people didn’t realize how ugly she was because ugly people scare me and don’t deserve paparazzi following them..but at least she’s coming to terms with shit and boxing out her face so we don’t have to relive the tragedy that childhood car accident did to her face. I actually don’t know if there was actually a childhood accident, but it would only make sense if there was. On a positive side, at least she’s got some nice long legs, dresses like a clown and sucks unprotected dick badly in mainstream movies, because even with AIDS, condom blowjobs just don’t make sense to me. Cuddles.

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