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I am – Hey Rumer Willis, Lookin Good Sweetheart of the Day


Rumer WIllis is fucking disgusting looking and even more disgusting looking now that she’s got her pants off. Despite having rich and famous parents, I still wouldn’t notice her, even if we were the only two people sitting in the plastic surgeon’s waiting room. I only like to hang outside plastic surgeon’s offices to meet strippers and to tell them encouraging words of wisdom like to go big or go home, but what I am trying to get at is that she’s got so little sex appeal, that she would just kinda blend into the wall and my brain wouldn’t pick her up.

That said, I am sure when Demi Moore had her she tried to get the doctor to push her back into the room, like convinced that she hadn’t finished developing and needed more time, like when you back muffins for your mom and shit’s raw on the inside….but when the doctor didn’t go through with it she was forced to raise her as her own, always resenting her for being so ugly while throwing up on her everytime she breast fed, because never in her life did she think she’d ever let anything this gross that close to her tits, unless he was of course a movie producer, offering her her first job.,…

I guess it’s kinda mean to make fun of someone’s birth defect, even when that birth defect is them. I should try to work on being nicer but with all this anger inside me, I don’t know if I can….

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