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I am – Tyra Banks Talking About Vagina of the Day

I was emailed this video from someone and basically Tyra tells her audience to go home and take out a pocket mirror to check out their box to see what they are dealing with, kinda like what you do with your asshole every night before sticking things in it, weirdo. The fact that her audience don’t know anything about their vaginas is fucking obscure to me, because ever girl I have ever met has been pretty good friends with her vagina and so was every guy who had ever crossed their path. Maybe I’m hanging with the wrong crowd and should hunt down bitches who have no idea how their cunt’s work, but I have a feeling that someone who knows what’s going on in their pants is a lot more willing to let me find out what’s going on in her pants too, kinda like sharing the wealth, than some bitch who pretended her vagina never existed all her life.

To me, there is no perfect vagina, I’ve come across so many variations and they all feel the same, so girls who are insecure that your pussy looks like a roast beef sandwich, don’t worry about it. Guys are fucking horny and desperate and have no issues sticking things in your brown-edged, pink, meaty junk. Tyra, I’m talking to you.

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