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Rihanna Blocks Her Vagina Flash of the Day

Rihanna avoided flashing the world her prostitute cunt at least what I assume is a prostitute cunt cuz there is really only one way out of a life as a garbage man’s daughter in a shanty in Bridgetown and that’s via the sex trade / human trafficking that I guess worked out well for her and the guy who bought her cuz now she’s all famous, money making, while hardly talented enough to get out of a car properly enough to make me forget I hate her….

Here she is grabbing her Vagina in a concert in Berlin…you’ve probably seen these pictures before because it’s a dance move part that is part of her show that she does when in this pink uterus colored latex/pantsless shit she borrowed from Lady Gaga…but she’s still grabbing her pussy in front of 100s of people and like the poor kid at the school play who doesn’t wash proper scratching his genitals, shit’s funny….

Pics via LFI
Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Taylor Momsen Shows the World her Young Vagina of the Day

Nothing quite says our society is in a good place like a 16 year old girl in a skirt short enough to show the world her underdeveloped cuz she’s only had her period for a year uterus.

It’s one of those things that is totally disconnected and backwards from the laws we are forced to live under, at least the laws most Americans have to live by, cuz 16 is legal where I am from, because they government realizes that 16 is totally equipped to fuck and in Taylor Momsen’s case, dressed to fuck.

Seriously, this outfit is the kind of shit strippers wore in the 90s. The shit hookers would wear to let you know they were hookers but all of a sudden teenage girls are wearing this shit invented to give dudes boners and the second we try to fuck the shit, or lure them to a park off myspace, we get arrested and in some cased humiliated on TV….

I don’t believe the whole “She’s dressed to get raped” argument, but seriously, if the law lets girls wear this shit, the law can’t make a motherfucker a sex offender for trying to fuck this shit, it just isn’t fair.

Not that Momsen is hot, she looks more like a cartoon character or some kind of muppet but when they are 16, most of the time their overall look doesn’t matter, cuz their tight teen bodies overpower their ugly faces….

But you get what I am saying….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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What the fuck is Jennifer Love Hewitt Doing to Her Vagina of the Day

What the fuck is this about? Vajazzling her Pussy? I’m assuming it was Jamie Kennedy’s way into her pants. You know he volunteered this genius idea to decorate her pussy with crystals before decorating it with semen or maybe this is just a joke. Either way, I don’t get this hippie bullshit but would like to see pictures of this hippie bullshit.

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Kelly Ripa’s Vagina That Has Had Many Kids is in Tight Pants of the Day

Kelly Ripa was showing off her real skinny body and flat ass in a pair of tight jogging pants, and I couldn’t help but notice the shit giving her vagina a nice little hug, because I guess the fuckin’ thing gets sad sometimes when it remembers a time before it was violated by her 12 kids cuz she married a latino and we like to breed, you know back when the fucking thing didn’t have a mind of its own and when it didn’t look like it was permanently throwing up its uterus, but I could be wrong, maybe this is just the style….

Pics via Bauer

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Julie Henderson is Russell Simmons’ Young and Probably Not So Fresh Vagina of the Day

It turns out that Russell Simmons is dating a model, I originally thought she was just some fit girl he was trying to seduce on the beach with his spiritual moves in efforts to not look like a socially awkward loser who relies on his extreme wealth and success to get pussy, the kind of guy who when told he looks familiar says that he gets that all the time because he looks and sounds like some kind of familiar muppet or cartoon character, but I guess that’s just my Russell Simmons fantasy and not the way it actually goes down because anyone with an adult lisp has no choice but to milk all the money he’s made by promising fresh white pussy he will make her the next supermodel because of his ties in the fashion world, and by fresh pussy, I mean as fresh as a pussy who has worked her way to Russell Simmon’s dick can possibly be, cuz you know he didn’t take her virginity, and that this is wallet fucking is a place she’s been before….just never this high profile….

Either way, here is her young body in a bikini….

Pics via Bauer

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So You Think You Can Dance Vagina Flash of the Day

A contestant on So You Think You Can Dance flashed her cunt and it didn’t get edited out and aired on TV, so I figure if that network and all their advertisers support pussy flashes, they should support me. On a side note, I never understood why this sudden interest in dance hit, you know robbing strippers from their fate and giving them real legit careers, but I guess now it all makes sense, you know since this dancing revival is responsible for pussy being on TV……

Pics via some guy and his digital camera who watches gay tv programming…

Here’s the video from some other guy with a digital camera and TiVo….

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Lindsay Lohan’s Lesbian Vagina Defined in a White Bikini of the Day

These are some older pictures of Lohan in a white bikini, probably around a month old and since I don’t read other sites, so they are new to me. I just got excited when I saw them because they demonstrate why I love white bikini bottoms so much.

There have been numerous times that I’ve been at the public pool and the mom’s and teens rock this shit and I wonder to myself whether they have any idea that I can pretty much see their entire pussy and can practically taste the shit.

So I figured it’s a good way to start the day, especially since no dick’s been in her in at least a year, a report I really don’t believe, but they just want us to believe because nothing in Hollywood is real, especially for the people hanging on as hard as they can.

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Teri Hatcher’s Snatcher Does the Malibu Triathalon of the Day

I was just thinking to myself “Remember when everyone wanted to fuck Teri Hatcher, it must have been a few years ago, and now I never even bother putting her pictures up because she’s old, weathered and disgusting” and then she goes and pulls this stunt…

Actually, I wasn’t thinking anything to myself at all, because I generally only think bad things and try to turn that shit off with booze and procrastination, and I’d never say a bitch is too old or too weathered for me, because the older the better, from experience, to inability for pregnancy, to no memory of the events that unfolded, sign me the fuck up, so I’d never say that, but when I saw these pics, I thought shit, remember when people wanted to fuck this girl and all they did was talk about her, whether on that Superman shit or Housewives…well I guess she’s let that get to her head and hasn’t given up on herself, even though most people have cuz she’s showing a pretty solid wax and based on experience, real old ladies don’t bother maintaining that shit….only ones with egos do and that doesn’t answer my real question, which is wondering what this rotting slab of meat in her bike shorts smells like before and after triathlons she takes part on in efforts of provin’ she’s as fit as she was when people actually wanted to fuck her, but I guess I’m just a sick man…

PICS via Mavrix

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Sophie Monk Defines Vagina of the Day

The only reason why this bitch is famous is because she used her vagina proper to get her to the top. Not that she’s at the fucking top, because she’s pretty much unemployed, but she’s doing a lot better than the trash she grew up with in Australia, I’m talking about her mother.

So I guess that’s why she wraps that pussy up to preserve the shit like some kind of mummy or lunch sandwich, or maybe it is to protect the world from the shit, because last time I checked her fiance cheated on her/ left her for Paris Hilton and that can do serious damage to unsuspecting genitals, you know making her camel toe more of a spitting camel toe.

Here are the pics…


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Helen Mirren Shows Us Where Her Legs End and Vagina Starts of the Day

Helen Mirren has one of my favorite sets of Granny tits in Hollywood, I mean they’ve got nothing on some of the immigrant Granny tits I saw when I was working as an orderly at an old folk’s home back when I had “Granny Issues” because I never had a grandma growing up, she was too busy working before leaving us high and dry, never showing up on Christmas, making me spend the rest of my life trying to fill that void, first with a cookie addiction and then with knitting classes and finally getting paid to change granny diaper and wash granny ass that would always end with me nestling up to granny tit after the medication kicked in and they’d pass out around 8 pm, and as my pervert friend from the park would say when girls in dresses walked by, you can see where her Vagina Starts and her Legs End which is something that is always quite magical….

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