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Teri Hatcher’s Snatcher Does the Malibu Triathalon of the Day

I was just thinking to myself “Remember when everyone wanted to fuck Teri Hatcher, it must have been a few years ago, and now I never even bother putting her pictures up because she’s old, weathered and disgusting” and then she goes and pulls this stunt…

Actually, I wasn’t thinking anything to myself at all, because I generally only think bad things and try to turn that shit off with booze and procrastination, and I’d never say a bitch is too old or too weathered for me, because the older the better, from experience, to inability for pregnancy, to no memory of the events that unfolded, sign me the fuck up, so I’d never say that, but when I saw these pics, I thought shit, remember when people wanted to fuck this girl and all they did was talk about her, whether on that Superman shit or Housewives…well I guess she’s let that get to her head and hasn’t given up on herself, even though most people have cuz she’s showing a pretty solid wax and based on experience, real old ladies don’t bother maintaining that shit….only ones with egos do and that doesn’t answer my real question, which is wondering what this rotting slab of meat in her bike shorts smells like before and after triathlons she takes part on in efforts of provin’ she’s as fit as she was when people actually wanted to fuck her, but I guess I’m just a sick man…

PICS via Mavrix

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