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Julie Henderson is Russell Simmons’ Young and Probably Not So Fresh Vagina of the Day

It turns out that Russell Simmons is dating a model, I originally thought she was just some fit girl he was trying to seduce on the beach with his spiritual moves in efforts to not look like a socially awkward loser who relies on his extreme wealth and success to get pussy, the kind of guy who when told he looks familiar says that he gets that all the time because he looks and sounds like some kind of familiar muppet or cartoon character, but I guess that’s just my Russell Simmons fantasy and not the way it actually goes down because anyone with an adult lisp has no choice but to milk all the money he’s made by promising fresh white pussy he will make her the next supermodel because of his ties in the fashion world, and by fresh pussy, I mean as fresh as a pussy who has worked her way to Russell Simmon’s dick can possibly be, cuz you know he didn’t take her virginity, and that this is wallet fucking is a place she’s been before….just never this high profile….

Either way, here is her young body in a bikini….

Pics via Bauer

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