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Kelly Ripa’s Vagina That Has Had Many Kids is in Tight Pants of the Day

Kelly Ripa was showing off her real skinny body and flat ass in a pair of tight jogging pants, and I couldn’t help but notice the shit giving her vagina a nice little hug, because I guess the fuckin’ thing gets sad sometimes when it remembers a time before it was violated by her 12 kids cuz she married a latino and we like to breed, you know back when the fucking thing didn’t have a mind of its own and when it didn’t look like it was permanently throwing up its uterus, but I could be wrong, maybe this is just the style….

Pics via Bauer

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  • drunken pig

    …bet this anoying little troll loves anal!!….

  • fluffy

    She’s said all her kids were c-sections.

    Plus she’s 4 feet tall.